New Retro Vault: Norrland

Norrland is not only the northern part of Sweden but a trippy hunting sim. Starting off in your cabin, you collect what you need, including your gun and beer and take off into the wild where your routines are bound up in mini games, which include sleeping, eating and… masturbating.


It looks like a 2600 game where the video cable isn’t plugged in too well. The creator, who I didn’t realise was this guy until 5 minutes ago, has really turned the retro dial up to 11. Sound effects are minimal, don’t even expect any ear stabbing chiptunes. Though, like the hunters it playfully pokes fun at, it’s about getting back to basics.

A lot of the mini games occur when you fall asleep, which seems to be quite often. They usually require you to tap the action key repeatedly. Awake you can fish, hunt wild bears, rabbits and deer, all analogues to the hierarchical system we live in. So while you could shoot the bears from afar why not get in close and try and punch it out à la a quick time event. But just like in real life, it’s game over if your timing isn’t right. Other times nature calls and so you need to tap a key really fast to take a shit.


While the mini games are zippy, it’s not exactly Warioware levels of addictiveness. I had enough after about 30 minutes as the games start to overlap after a while and you start to wonder when the next surprise is coming. For what it is though, a surreal, tongue in cheek poke at the Swedish outdoors experience, it’s worth a look, especially if you still yern for the pre 90’s aesthetic.

Norrland | Download: from developer’s site


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