Don’t play this game if you want to relax. Guilt has you waking up in a forest, alone – and what could be worse than that? I don’t know, how about lurking evil?


The game begins: middle of nowhere, dead of the night, relentless rain. Panning out from what appears to be a corpse turns out to be a woman – your character. Besides Comic-Con, there’s probably no place you’d less rather be. And this is where we gain control of our heroine and, presumably, try to make our way out of this forest. At first it’s just you and the rain until you encounter some very agile, black blobs, with red glowing eyes no less. Somewhat similar to those fiends in Heart of Darkness, you will need to sneak by, activate switches and generally run like hell if you are to make it out alive. In this regard it shares a few similarities with games like Another World.


When the first music track you hear is a nursery tune, you know there will be spooks. In-game, there’s several layers to the background music that tell you this ain’t no Hundred Acre Wood (unless perhaps it’s in that Heffalumps scene -ed), and it works wonderfully with the dreamlike graphics; the backdrop is intentionally dreary and silhouetted against your otherwise radiant character. Animations are good both from you and the enemies, plus a few other surprises.

This is a platformer, where your abilities are determined by who can see who. By default you walk. Whenever these sinister blobs come into view, you assume a crouching position. If you’re spotted – and you will know at once by the urgent music – these vengeful hubba bubbas will draw in close and attack. You really have no other choice but to run, which will be available to you automatically, once seen. It takes just one lick from these guys, and timing is really important here, so it’s going to take a few tries to clear some of the screens. These enemies are worryingly wonderful in how clever they are at tracking you. Not sticking to one plane, but stretching from and through platforms, and if you’re spotted, no place is safe.

This game turned up on my hard drive without any recollection as to how it got there, as tends to happen these days. I’m going to assume it’s standard marketing fare or general senility on my behalf. Either way, this well designed free game was made in a month with Gamemaker for this year’s IGMC. The creator, Ylzor sought to create a dark and atmospheric game, and he’s achieved that here.

Guilt | Download: IGMC homepage


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