New Retro News: new Dark Flame demo out now!

Dark Flame is a Castlevania fanboy’s dark dreams come to (un)life. It’s been Greenlighted and now a Kickstarter is making the rounds to fund up the final graphics and sounds. We first talked about it a while back, and now an updated pre-alpha demo is available for download here. A wee bit more info about the game follows for those who need more convincing.


Dark Flame is a clear tribute to Castlevania and perhaps most specifically Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Aside from the animation presumably being closely modelled on SOTN’s Alucard, your character is more the baddass sword swinger type rather than a do-gooder whipping boy, and can learn various magics and abilities to help him in his travels. This by the way, is a Very Good Thing(tm), as SOTN was probably the best Castlevania ever made. So far, the demo is looking to capture the classic SOTN look and feel, but showing enough promise to be distinct enough to hold its own. It’s a dark world, one where you fill the metal boots of a crusader in the midst of the Baltic Crusades, whose brothers have all gone insane from some mysterious malevolence, and death comes quickly to the unprepared.


All the staples seem to be here. Hooded freaks with daggers roam the halls, while zombies shuffle about underfoot, waiting to be made into zombie-slices. Hitting foes causes numbers to dutifuly float above their head, indicating how much damage was done. Your character gains xp with each bloody victory, and with each level up you get to choose with stat to improve (which you couldn’t do in Castlevania). Another refinement of Castlevania formula is the thin green cooldown timer under your health bar. In Dark Flame you are able to execute multiple rapid swings – faster than ol Vamps JR. in Castlevania could – but each swing depletes the bar, meaning slashing with wild abandom may leave you open to attack. Perhaps in a nod to Dark Souls, a sense of darkess and fragility – due here fact that you are a mere human – premeates the game; gampeplay is shaping up to be action-focused yet death comes quick and fast if you are careless.

Being a pre-alpha story, Ken Masters still has long hair and your character can’t yet utilise his full repertoire of moves, or find and equip armors. Nonetheless, the demo provides a good bit of platforming hack-n-slash action, and I found a new sword, some spells and a certain classic vertical movement enhancing ability pretty early on to play with.

Dark Flame (updated pre-alpha demo) | Download on Indie DB


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