The Case of the Mysterious Maulings

When all the guests have gathered and the lights are struck out, only to flicker back to life revealing that the host has been burtally murdered, eyes dart suspiciously across the room. Could it be the archeologist who might have handled one too many cursed artifacts, or the so-called mystic? Or perhaps the vicious blood thirsty floating monster with blood splashed over its face? No, wait, it was definitely the butler. The butler did it.


The Case of the Mysterious Maulings is a short (very short) “reverse murder mystery” of sorts that was made for the recent LudumDare competition. The theme was “you are the monster”, and here you take control of a certain Mr. B Holder with a hankering for human flesh, trying to convince the guests that you weren’t the murderer and turn them on each other instead. You can gossip to find out who dislikes who and spread slander accordingly, paving the way for you to complete you five-course meal, unsuspectingly like. However, being a hideous abomination from the underworld means your patience doesn’t last quite so long, and so Dexter-style you’ll need to satisfy your bloodlust with a spot of regular murder.

Balancing gossip and murder has never been easier, though, and Mysterious Maulings won’t take long to beat, easily 10 minutes or so, although there a couple different endings to find, and a disproportionate amount of ‘badges’ to claim which suggest there are probably quite a few easter eggs to find, if you’re so inclined.

The Case of the Mysterious Maulings | Play online:


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