New Retro News roundup 5/11

This roundup we stretch from the medieval times to the AI weary age and beyond into the galactic future, as we become kings, detectives, and intersteller guardians.

Read Only Memories released. So there’s been a few of these VHS style trailers of late and cyberpunk adventure game Read Only Memories, is no different.  I’m just gonna go ahead and call it a mix between Neuromancer and LA Noire. Story-changing player choices and multiple solutions sound awesome though. It also looks real pretty, like one of those new Cherry 2000s I’ve been eyeing.


Star Command Galaxies is a rogue-like space ship simulator, in similar fashion to Faster Than Light, but with gorgeous isometric graphics. Can it match or dare I say improve upon the addictive FTL gameplay?! (I played the original Kickstarted Star Command back in the day – the ‘finished’ game was anything but. This is looking much better, here’s hoping – ed)


If robots and modern sanitation aren’t your thing, get on your high horse with Kingdom, released just a while back. It’s a strategy resource management game where you enlist the help of peasants, fortify your land and explore the riches within the forest, because when darkness comes…


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