New Retro Vault: Within a Deep Forest

You are a failure of sorts. Intended as a bomb to destroy the world, you became nothing more than an innocuous blue ball. And while you might like to get a little contemplative about your existance, there’s more pressing matters. Another bomb has been made and so the fate of the world rests, ironically, with you.


True to title you begin in a forest. Deep in a forest even. After pinballing around the place, you will pass a few screens and meets up with a guide. He/she/it throws a lot at you, in terms of game mechanics and objectives, the most interesting being your transformation: along your journey you will activate and possess different balls, the first few being bouncier types – and there’s no candy requried.

Getting to grips with your blue ball is a little tricky at first. You own character is as much a hazard to you as the hazards themselves. Controlling the ball is not as simple as a jump. You are constantly bouncing – and holding jump increases your bounce. Thing is, you will need to time when to throw yourself forward at any point between your jump. Bounce height and acceleration/deceleration need to be harmonised if you are to land on consecutive platforms. Intertia is going to get you in trouble. Trying to slam your way through a hazardous area is either going to result in you miraculously hitting the right platforms – or more likely annihilation, which will bring you back to the last check point. You’re (possibly) going to have a lot of fun over correcting and getting zapped, mis-timing your jumps and getting zapped and jumping into enemies and getting zapped. So yes, it can be frustrating, particularly when you’re not sure whether the game is on your side or not.


Animalistic, cool air sounds are the melody of a nighttime far removed from any city, while the simple percussion is as the primitive man paying tribute to his earth. WADF does well to make you feel somewhat isolated. As is the usual with small (i.e. no) budget developers, what you see is what you get with the visuals, since realising a concept usually takes precedance over adding visual flair, but it does have a certain Windows 95 chic asthetic. Please don’t ask me what that means.

As far as free games go, this is a gem. Created by the creative Nifflas (Niklas Nygren), Within a Deep Forest pacifies the traditional 2d platformer with his own sense of flair. It is not the easiest of games, but you will have a… good time.

Within A Deep Forest | Download:


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