Remake Roundup: Wolfenstein 3D

Remake Roundup is a feature that takes a famous (or infamous) game from the past and dives into the pool of homebrew remakes that recreate the old experience with a modern lens, for better or worse. In this edition we take a look at one of the grand daddys of FPS: Wolfenstein 3D. From voxel nazis to destructible terrain, it’s anything but quiet on this western front.

Wolf 3D title

The original Wolfenstein 3D was released way back in 1992, and developed by a little company called id software – who would soon after become particularly famous for a certain game featuring shotguns and space marines or something. While not the first FPS game around, Wolfenstein 3D was one of the first to really popularise the genre, despite making me feel motion sick every time I played it.

The original can be played in your browser at:


No, no, not that Wolfram, but rather a straight-laced remake of Wolfenstein 3D. Wolfram pretty much faithfully re-creates the first episode of Wolfenstein 3D verbatim, but with an updated graphics engine. You’ll be able to relive your escape from the castle, but this time blasting German Shepards and looting ill-gotten relics in glorious high resolution polygons. Although made by a Russian developer, an English version is available for download on the site (side-note: the English version doesn’t show any Nazi symbols due to it being illegal in various countries, but apparently not so in Russia).


Wolfram | Download: 


Say what you want about Swedish YouTube star Pewdiepie, but he’ll probably just laugh at you from atop his Scrooge McDuck style coin pool. The Swede somehow inspired a game dev jam, leading to the creation of a bunch of fun games. Wolfenstein HD is one such effort, featuring not only improved graphics but ‘realistic’ physics, a destructible environment, and hot pink guns. The remake was developed by Free Lives – the guys who are working on the action-packed explode ’em up BroforceAs a interesting side-note, the names for the various 'Duck' characters is heavily altered in many other countries. Scrooge McDuck is called

Wolfenstein HD | Download:


Voxelstein 3D is a single alpha of a theoretical voxel-based Wolfenstein 3D remake. The game is built using Ken Silverman’s open source Voxlap engine, meaning chunky voxels ahoy. The game is more of an entertaining tech demo than full game, but is an interesting experience nonetheless. Like Super Wolfenstein HD, it also includes destructible walls, but while the former constrains the destruction by retaining a minimum part of the wall to maintain level layouts – voxelstein cares not for such things. Completely obliterate the walls, ceilings, whatever you want! There are also disturbingly satisfying death animations that include eyes popping right out of the victim’s skull (because, why not).


Volxelstein 3D | Download:


Finally, perhaps the most profound remake of all, Wolfenstein 1-D sits atop its single line iron throne. If you ever thought “Oh but for this cursed third dimenson; if only there were less dimensions to bother with!” then this is the remake for you. Claiming to be “the game that changed everything, converted to a one-pixel line”, Wolfenstein 1-D is a bit of a strain on the eyes (and imagination). Enjoy the single pixel high excitement of shooting orange or blue blocks, while collecting green blocks!


Wolfenstein 1-D | Play in browser:


All the remakes here offer a pretty interesting experience (to say the least) but if the original Wolfenstein 3D had but one gaping flaw, it was certainly the lack of hot pink guns and somewhat disturbingly detailed dogs the bounce around from your bullets. Super Wolfenstein HD takes the crown here, but

If you ever have a suggestion for a game that time forgot, or perhaps was too famous for its own good, let us know and we’ll see what wonderful, interesting or just downright weird remakes are floating around.


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