New Retro News: Wonderland Dizzy released after just 22 years!

Anyone a fan of inventory management and hard-boiled jokes will probably remember the ‘Dizzy’ series of games featuring the ovular hero in a range of item-collecting fantastical adventures. Now, after a brisk 22 year development cycle, he’s back for another adventure. As you can probably guess, Cheshire Cats and Hatters ahoy. Don’t be late, for a very important date, play it on your browser now!


As reported on the ever awesome site Indie Retro News, the Oliver Twins have apparently just finished a 22 year treasure hunt (due to carrying no more than 3 items at once) and through some help managed to scramble together a once thought lost but now is found Dizzy game originally designed for the NES called Wonderland Dizzy. You can read the sunny side up story on Indie Retro News, but the best part is that you can play it for free, right now, on your browser. As a side note: apparently the game is quite similar or possibly identical to Magicland Dizzy, which was released, but as I haven’t played that I can’t comment on that point.

I always found the gameplay honestly a bit awkward, with Dizzy’s tendency to roll after a jump and fragile egg-shell skin making for one too many humpity dumpity deaths, and looking back, the limited inventory space (usually 3 items) makes the games feel more like a relic of the times rather than classic gaming innovumations. Despite this, the games had a bit of a clucky following, largely thanks to former Codemasters developers The Oliver Twins being full of personality, thoughtfully injecting a load of charm into the games. My personal pick being the rather polished SEGA megadrive/genesis installment called Fantastic Dizzy, but of course, Spud’s Quest was also a pretty brillant homage to the eggscellent hero.


Wonderland Dizzy

Play online


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