Axria Retro Word

Axria Retro Word, true to its name, is a platformer that faithfully recreates the old school look and feel of early Gameboy games. Using your “trusty power star” which Alxria presumably nicked from Kirby while he was asleep, Retro World provides four retro levels full of secrets to platform and explore your way through.


The power star isn’t just a anachronistic reference, it’s an important tool weapon – as it can be bounced off walls to reach tricky enemies and also be used to collect far away treasure. Though you can only fire one star at a time, its flexibility adds some welcomed depth to the gameplay.

The game also does a pretty good job of aping the feel of an early 90’s game. Thankfully it’s not just a visual hook – the chiptune music would feel at home on a real Gameboy game and the old school exploration vibe is present as well. For example, when I began the first level, I did what any sane person would do and immediately turn around and go the other way. I wasn’t too surprised to find a cache of diamonds, and expected to scoop them up then resume the level as per normal. However, a portal then lead me to a completely new area and the game continued from there.


There is one issue however. While full screen and windowed versions are available for download, the game display doesn’t allow for scaling, so you are stuck in the actual authentic Gameboy size resolution… which is a bit odd and can make the game a bit of an eyestrain for those with high resolution monitors.

The developer seems to hold the game’s protagonist as some kind of flagship brand, with a blog dedicated to drawings of the character. I’m not sure the character is really interesting enough to warrant this kind of attention, but Axria Retro World the game is certainly decent fun and worth a download.



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