New Retro News: Sept 4


Here in Euroland I was waiting for summer for quite a while; it started about 29 days late. Unfortunately Autumn is a lot more punctual and decided to begin precisely on the first day of September. So while I sit hit in the cold wind and rain in my tshirt and shorts, because I’ll have summer dammit, enjoy this soul warming retro news:

  • Gold Box Glory – Ancient D&D rises from the grave (again)
  • Dune II – ported to HTML5, straight from the browser to you!
  • Evoland 2 – evolves onto Steam for RPG mashup craziness

Re-release: Get your Gold Box on GOG.

In the old days we didn’t have fancy things like ‘magic points’ or ‘phoenix downs’, no, instead we had to set up camp and manually memorise three cure light wounds spells, and fork out 2,000 steel pieces to resurrect our dead half-elf (the full elf is capped at level 6 and dead forever, because reasons). We were told to trek to the dungeons in the snow uphill in both directions, and forced to love every minute of it goshdarnit.  If this kind of masochism appeals to you, then you may be interested to know 13 of SSI’s classic Dungeons & Dragons adaptions are now available on GOG. I’m replaying Champions of Krynn right now and keep getting wiped out by giant centipedes’ instant death poison in very the first dungeon, and you could be too! That’s a good thing by the way.

to be fair, I usually look undead in the mornings anyway

to be fair, I usually look undead in the mornings anyway

Port: Dune II now playable on your browser

Straight from the browser to you! Dune II is one of the foremost progenitors of the modern RTS template, later made most known by Command & Conquer. Dune II, much like most day jobs, was all about conquering planets covered in sand and being eaten by giant worms. Some lovely chaps have decided that dusting off the old megadrive/genesis, amiga or er, DOSbox, was all a bit cumbersome and instead re-coded the game completely in HTML5 for us. Simply load up the above link in your preferred interwebs player software and get ready to get high rich on spice!


For some reason I instantly won this first mission without doing anything, but the following mission seemed to run fine.

Release: Evoland 2 released on Steam

If you missed it, Evoland 2 was released on the steam platform a bit over a week ago. The first Evoland began life as a Ludum Dare entry under the theme “Evolution”, and fittingly paid tribute to the evolution of RPGs starting out with limited movement and Gameboy like graphics, then slowly improving. It was a break out hit and a full version was developed and released on steam, which went as far as evolving to 3d graphics and riffing on entries as diverse as Final Fantasy 7 and Diablo. I’m not really sure this worked in the game’s favour – it began to juggle too many ideas too quickly, and becomes a bit of a ‘hot mess’ in the end. So I’m quite curious to see how Evoland 2, which seems to take on even more aspects of RPG development as well as mixing in a bit of everything from rhythm games to Street Fighter, will fare. So far, reviews on steam are listed as ‘very positive’. Sounds promising!

I'd probably be happiest if the whole game was like this

I’d probably be happiest if the whole game was like this

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