New Retro News: Aug 28


This week’s news round up has a theme of ‘when old becomes new’ just like the site!

  • Turok’s Back – Enhanced release of 90’s dino shooter announced!
  • Grandia II gets… Grandier – steamy, anniversary re-release!
  • Silent Rage – Streets of Rage meets Silent Hill, at last!

Turok – Re-release with enhanced graphics announced

Dino-might! Back in the 90’s everything was cooler with Dinosaurs. The recent success of Jurassic World may have re-sparked that mandate, since both Turok andTurok 2: Seeds of Evil are being re-released for PC, and will be available on popular channels such as Steam, GOG, the Humble Store among others.


Grandia II – HD Edition re-releases, on Steam

In the ye olde days of yore (OK, I’ll stop now), consoles were the preferred grazing grounds of the JRPG. Grandia II however was one of the few that made it to PC, some 15 years (has it been that long!?) ago. Now GungHo, the lovely chaps behind it have announced a HD remake that will be re-released via Steam and GOG. This new release is about more than updated graphics for Ryudo and friends. The title will feature improved graphics, gamepad support, original Japanese voice acting, and a new difficulty level.

Despite being full of cliched plotlines and ridiculous stereotypes Grandia II was also full of something else: fun. Probably owing a lot to its innovative combat system that actually did well to blend real-time and turn-based principles (something that newer games still have trouble doing). Grandia II Anniversary Edition will have a limited sale price of $14.99 on Steam and (discounted from the regular $19.99).

A giant case of the crab

A giant case of the crab

I couldn’t yet find much info on the actual quality of the ‘remaster’ but found a pretty decent hands-on here. From what I gather, it fixes the problems with the previous dreadful PS2/PC ports (although the PC port ran fine for me, I guess I was one of the lucky few), although is locked to 30fps and may require a decent rig to run.

Silent Rage – Streets of Rage-style Silent Hill mod

I always dreaded playing games like Silent Hill. The inability to dragon punch eldritch style abominations from the otherworld just seemed underplayed, what with the creeping dread and fear and all that. Some lovely chap has decided though that we aren’t always so helpless against the encroaching darkness, and deemed fit to empower the protagonists with Streets of Rage fighting moves to finally give those disfigured horrors what’s coming to them.


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  1. Dinosaurs were to the 90’s as zombies are to this decade. Not the momma!


  2. Silent Rage is impressive. Fusing Silent Hill with Streets of Rage shouldn’t work… nut it’s kind of awesome.


  3. It’s an odd mashup for sure. There’s also a Chuck Norris film of the same name haha.


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