New Retro News: Aug ’92


Welcome back to 1992! For you, 3 greenlit games in this issue of NewRetroGames News:

  • Bernie Needs Love – death chases you to love!
  • Osteya – old school style platform adventure!
  • Crazy Pixel Streaker – streaking: smash TV style!

Bernie Needs Love

Recently Greenlit, Bernie Needs Love is an energetic platformer where we guide Bernie, the “nice but anguished old man chased by death, towards his girlfriend” through a hazardous city.  As far as tortured heros go, the ‘anguished old man’ bracket certainly is underrepresented. The C64 style and chip tunes  make it a shoe in for this site, and it does look like a lot of fun. It is a stage guys go through, but why wait another 40 or so years? (reminds me a bit of the excellent Clarence’s Big Chance – free to play on Kongregate, give it a whirl – ed)


Osteya is an adventure platformer, where you guide Seed (looking a little like Gomez from Fez) on a treasure hunt of sorts. A little Bubble Bobble, a little Dangerous Dave, the 4 chapters of 40 levels each are to offer different playing experiences.


Crazy Pixel Streaker

A pixel streaker game? About time is all I can say. Like Smash TV, except you’re plonked in the middle of a World Cup Final. Adding to the comical nature is an array of fun weapons and attacks to fight off the dozens of concurrent enemies. There’s a variety of game modes including multiplayer support for up to 3 streaker friends. Hell yeah! Try the demo here.



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