Maldita Castilla

Anyone who grew up fighting grim reapers in their boxer shorts will immediately recognise the primary influence on Maldita Castilla. A no-nonsense arcade serving, developer Locomalito has delivered something quite faithful to the Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins spirit.

for god and castile!

for god and castile!

Locomalito is known for several games that faithfully recreate the arcade experience. As the developer explains on his website, Castilla utilises an intentionally limited color palette to mimic old school classics, and even uses an old monitor effect. The music, likewise, was emulated using a legacy Yamaha YM2203 sound chip, so that the game has “real arcade sound”. And it definitely looks and sounds great


The game, true to the pocket money consuming arcades of old, can also be quite tough, and I haven’t been able to beat it, that is, the good ending, yet. This is compounded by a lack of a save feature and limited continues, although is suitably fitting for the genre. Even if you can’t beat the odds, with it’s tight arcade pacing and high level of polish chances are good that you’ll still enjoy a session or two of Maldita Castilla.

Maldita Castilla | Homepage (free)


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